"What's a bloat?" you might ask.  Well, that's one of the names for a group of hippos.  Fitting, eh?  Other names include a pod, herd, or dale.  Whatever you want to call them, it's a community of social animals.  And this is my Hippo Collective community page.

Pod of Hippos.jpg

There are many people who have contributed to this project over the past few years, and I'm very grateful for their kindness and support.  Below are just a few.  It's a growing list, too.

The Hippolotofus (Global)

Michele Forman (Birmingham)

Anna Lloyd (Birmingham)

Richard Baron Cohen (Long Island)

Sheila & John Voeller (Kansas City)

Mike & Donna Fowler (Hutto)

Barbie & David Adams (Houston)

Sue Shefman (Houston)

Amy Dee Stephens (Oklahoma City)

DJ Dittenhoefer (Birmingham)

Carlos Estrada (Tuscaloosa)

Hutto Chamber of Commerce

Oklahoma City Zoo

Birmingham Museum of Art

Dickerson Park Zoo

Richard Baron Cohen

Fitz-Thors Engineering

M. W. Franks

William Smith

Rebecca Wetzel

Sheila Voeller

David M Soto

Rosie O'Beirne

Sue Shefman

Nancy Greenberg

Sonya Windham Humber

Barbie Adams

Douglas Franks

David McMahon

Bonnie Hewett

Megan & Charles Mills

Laura Debiasi

Jared Franks

Liz Smith

Debbie Grove

Joi Tribble

Diane Stefan

Ginny Humber

Joy Akin Buckley

Brian Stack

Eric Franks

Nastacia Minor

Jerald O'Kennard

Todd Hart

Brian Franks

Jessica E Hayes

Kevin Franks